Our Story

Ciaran and Christian met in 2000. While becoming fast friends, we realized we shared entrepreneurial ambitions. We decided to build a company together. Our goal was to create a business where our team, in years to come, would say “I was there when.” We’d both had periods in our careers where something special was happening – where the team was greater than the sum of the parts, where everyone was working like crazy, but no-one minded, because the mission was worth it, the culture was strong, and it was fun. We wanted to make that happen in our own company.

We came across the litigation support and eDiscovery industry in 2003. It was clear to us that eDiscovery would be huge pain point for corporations and law firms. We raised capital from a group of private investors and bought a business in December 2004 providing low tech litigation support services. In the 12 years since, we have built a thriving eDiscovery company thanks to a truly exceptional team. We have grown the business more than six-fold entirely from cash flow and organic growth. We believe that Discovia is a very special place. There is plenty more to do, and it has been a highly rewarding journey.

Gain a world-class eDiscovery function without building it.

Today, Discovia provides electronic discovery services globally to corporations and law firms engaged in litigation, ITC investigations, and internal and regulatory investigations, including HSR Second Requests. Services include onsite and remote data collections, data minimization, data processing and hosting, expert application of leading technology-assisted review tools, document review management, and document productions. Discovia is one of the only eDiscovery services providers to achieve ISO 27001 certification and HIPAA/HITECH compliance for data security according to third-party auditors. Discovia is the first to publish its accuracy rate – 99.8 percent, and typically achieves data culling rates of 95 percent for repeat clients. Discovia is the first eDiscovery services firm to deliver a fixed-price managed services solution, enabling corporate legal departments and law firms to gain a world-class eDiscovery function with complete cost predictability. And, the National Law Journal ranks us the #1 Corporate Investigations Provider.