Here are a few examples of recent developments. Click here if you’d like a Discovian to reach out to share more on any of these or our other innovations.

PartnerView ™ – Our proprietary dashboard, where you can get a window into all the matters we are handling for you. Think the eDiscovery equivalent of your online bank or investment account.

First Contact ™ – Our proprietary reporting on data that we collect, receive and stage. This gives you a quick and early look at what data you have – so you can make smart decisions about what to prioritize.

PPV ™ – Our Pre-Production Validation workflow is a series of carefully constructed waterfall searches which regularly catch privilege documents in production, save costly mistakes and contribute to our 99.8% client deliverable accuracy.

Friday ™ – Our proprietary workflow tool, which we call Friday, is the foundation for our delivery team. Containing hundreds of proprietary standard operating procedure quality checks, the tool ensures that we have unparalleled success in meeting deadlines and delivering accurately.

EPA Automation Tools – Our team has developed a powerful set of internal automation tools which enables multiple software platforms (including Nuix, Relativity and the IPRO suite) to talk to each other, allowing data to move seamlessly through our system. We have also built an automated data intake and staging workflow.

Brainspace – We were early adopters of the Brainspace technology. We think it is going to be the next big industry success. Our clients are using the tool extensively for internal investigations. Here is a link to a recent blog on Brainspace.