An outsourced set of eDiscovery services from a partner who seamlessly integrates with the functions you choose to perform in-house.

  • Discovia is the only entity that has mastered providing a fully outsourced eDiscovery set of services.
  • Clients develop with us a best set of practices for handling their discovery.
  • No recreating of the wheel with each new outside counsel team.
  • Discovery outcomes, spend and risk are not determined by the performance of a rotating cast with varying discovery experience and quality of discovery providers that they have relationships with.
  • Repeat experts work with repeat processes, repeat technologies, and have a growing knowledge of clients’ data, people, and business practices.
  • Clients have a discovery advocate ensuring counsel does not, without due process, break protocol.
  • Clients get the best people in the discovery industry– be it in drafting ESI agreements, collecting data, driving review efficiencies.
  • Innovations are methodically introduced – you are not a guinea-pig.
  • Increased predictability around eDiscovery spend.


  • Consistent best practices and advocacy applied to every ESI agreement, meet & confer, and discovery strategy regardless of counsel – led by national experts, who have managed these phases hundreds of times.
  • A consistent team with the understanding of what works for the you in different types of matters and growing experience that is leveraged to improve future matters.
  • A repeat team that knows your data map, cast of characters, and nuances of data types.
  • A single chain of custody.
  • Testifying forensic experts to perform specific sensitive high-stakes investigations.
  • Repeat , transparent, documented, and easily defended collection methodologies that give counsel confidence.
  • A repeat average cull rate of 95% plus.
  • A repeat , transparent, documented, and defensible culling process – Counsel is not recreating process on each matter.
  • Knowledge deployed in data processing – experience of known junk files, domains, privilege terms, responsive terms, headers and footers drive efficiencies. Select files are segmented or eliminated.
  • The team, infrastructure and processes that have handled (and learned how to handle) the largest and most complex of data sets from a vast array of technology giants – (new) data types are not obstacles.
  • Repeatable, customized multi layered QC processes.
  • Review experts with oversight of the full review process, who can advocate to law firms and review companies on client’s behalf, and develop repeat processes suited to client’s cases, incorporating past lessons learned.
  • A highly scalable, stress tested, infrastructure and review tool built for Fortune 500 clients.
  • A support team that covers all geographies and has managed up to 400 person reviews.
  • Constantly improved innovative custom processes to decrease unnecessary content from review and increase review speeds – focusing the review team on high importance documents.
  • Strong reporting and communication – from day to day updates and PartnerView to quarterly and annual reviews.