Faster turn-around times and better results during internal investigations, while maintaining a high degree of defensibility, privacy and confidentiality.


  • Extensive Experience. Our Internal Investigation and Compliance team includes seasoned attorneys with years of experience collaborating alongside internal corporate compliance and audit teams as well as outside counsel. In 2013 alone, our team assisted in conducting hundreds of internal investigations for multiple Fortune 500 corporations; many of these included overseas components touching Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.
  • Pain Alleviation. Our solution is ideal for internal investigation and compliance clients experiencing the following:
    • Frustration with slow turn-around times to get investigators’ eyes on relevant data.
    • Concern that critical data may be missed in the investigation.
    • Lack of consistent, defensible processes across investigations.
    • Over-burdened internal resources.
    • Concern around confidentiality and privacy.
    • Limited experience handling foreign language documents.
    • Complex data collection, forensic analysis, and data recovery issues.
  • Customized Solutions. We provide innovative solutions for different types of investigations:
    • Investigation Project Management: Our full-service Investigation Project Management package provides you with data collection, processing and hosting. Additionally, based on the complexity of the investigation, we will provide expert forensic analysis, search and review consulting, and hands-on project management to help you get to the bottom of your data. We ensure that you get to the most important data as fast as possible using a robust, defensible process.
    • Investigation Data Management: For simple and straightforward investigations, we can provide data processing and hosting and allow your team to quickly begin an independent search and review of the data. We can get you up and running in days not weeks.
    • Investigation Managed Services: For a number of leading corporations we have built a repeatable workflow used across all their investigations. These services are tailored to the organization, including as needed expert search and review support as well as an innovative menu-based forensics analysis offering. We enable our Compliance Officer and Audit clients to sleep well at night knowing they have a sound, efficient process in place.
  • Dedicated Forensics Team. Our experienced forensics analysis team includes attorneys, private investigators, former military and intelligence personnel, and information technology professionals. We are experts at acquiring, analyzing, and rendering “plain English” reporting about issues related to computer evidence. Internal investigations we have handled have included FCPA matters, theft of intellectual property, spoliation of evidence, workplace malfeasance, harassment, embezzlement, identity theft, and fraud.