A single cataloged, backed-up repository of all collected data. Data can be reused, searched, deleted, and is in one manageable archive – data is not floating in uncontrolled locations. A single source of truth.

  • A catalogued, redundant, economical preservation repository for ESI.
  • The ability to routinely re-purpose data.
  • Reduced / eliminated need for ongoing physical storage of these assets.
  • Lower burden on internal IT function.
  • Reduced risk of spoliation-related legal motion practice and/or sanctions.


  • All necessary collection documentation (chain of custody, acquisition details, etc).
  • Preparation and maintenance of redundant copies of preserved ESI on separate physical media, in the event a piece of preservation storage media were to fail.
  • Creation and maintenance of a comprehensive tracking system for all preserved ESI. For example, we assign a unique identifier to each collected image, along with its associated details such as custodian, date collected, size, etc.
  • We provide secure storage for the destination hard drives in a segregated space in our evidence vault, which is a card controlled, limited access facility suitable for the storage of digital evidence.