Data collected in a defensible manner, so you can sleep at night.


  • You can trust in our expert forensics team which includes attorneys, private investigators, former military and intelligence personnel, and information technology professionals, with certifications including EnCE®.
  • We possess deep experience assisting our clients in conducting a wide variety of digital investigations. We are experts at acquiring, analyzing, and rendering “plain English” reporting about issues related to computer evidence. Our forensics engagements frequently involve legal issues such as theft of intellectual property, spoliation of evidence, workplace malfeasance, harassment, embezzlement, identity theft, and fraud.
  • We have given expert testimony in declarations, depositions, and at trial. We save you time by drafting our own declarations, drawing upon our more than 50 years of combined experience.
  • We also regularly serve as neutral examiners of digital evidence, and can provide you with templates and guidance to negotiate an examination protocol with opposing counsel.
  • We find and accurately interpret the evidence that other purported “experts” miss, and we differentiate ourselves by providing clear communication about our results. We are regularly engaged to provide a “second opinion” regarding computer forensic analysis.
  • We help clients deconstruct opposing experts’ reports and prepare for depositions and cross-examination. Chances are we already know the opposing computer forensics expert.
  • We take pride in our consultative approach that helps clients select the best methodology for their particular matter and budget. We provide rapid response, and we deliver results on time and on budget.


Discovia is a licensed Texas Private Investigator

Texas Department of Public Safety
Licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security
License # A19676


Is a license required by the State of Texas for Computer Forensics Consultants to provide services?

In the State of Texas, any firm that engages in the business of securing, or accepts employment to secure, evidence for use before a Court, is required to have a Private Investigator License, according to Texas Occupations Code Sec 1702.104. Private investigation companies are overseen by the Private Security Board of the Texas Department of Public Safety. To verify the license of private investigators and private investigation companies licensed in Texas, please click here.


Andrew Crain, VP, Data Collection and Forensics

There is no data collection challenge that Andy and his team cannot surmount. The most recent escapade: RemoteCollect™ in Estonia. Andrew has more than a decade of experience developing solutions that decrease data review and production time. A licensed attorney and private investigator, he has personally completed hundreds of on-site forensic data acquisitions. Earned J.D. from Colorado University School of Law. Trusted advisor to counsel and corporate executives on computer forensics and eDiscovery and frequent lecturer at CLE seminars.

Paul French, Data Forensics Expert

Leading forensics expert with decades of experience in criminal and civil computer forensics. Crafts litigation strategies, organizes hands-on collections and writes custom software for conversion and production of legally defensible information. Spent 13 years in U.S. Air Force before working in private sector electronic forensics. A seasoned investigator, fulfilling diverse roles in the areas of felony criminal investigations, counter-intelligence operations, anti-terrorism training and forensic computer analysis. Helped the National Institute of Science and Technology develop an electronic crime scene First Responders guide.