Discovia Document Review

Discovia now delivers fast, accurate and low-cost Document Review.

Discovia Document Review


We are passionate about the science of document review. Quality is paramount. Speed is also essential.

Document reviewers are not created equally, so our document review candidates undergo proprietary screening/skills testing. We only hire the reviewers that meet our accuracy thresholds.

Our reviewers are rewarded and incentivized to be accurate and efficient.

An online dashboard allows you to review the background and skills of document review attorneys we propose for your project. It contains important background information and metrics on each contract attorney including:

  • Where did they go to law school?
  • What type of cases have they worked on?
  • What is their accuracy rate across all of the matters?
  • What is their average document review speed?

Our Review Managers and Review Methodology maximize quality, efficiency and defensibility. Projects are frequently completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

We enforce industry leading data security and facility security standards.


We have 4 review centers:

  • Washington, DC (400+ seats; Specifically designed to accommodate HSR Second Request Matters)
  • New York City (150+ seats)
  • South Florida (150+ seats)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (50+ seats)

But there are endless options:

  • Our reviewers can go onsite with a client for any length of time.
  • And, our very best reviewers across the nation are ready for you via our Remote Review offering.


  • We offer per document pricing as well as hourly review rates. Prices vary based on the geographic location of the resources.
  • Remote Review is an incredible option for the most cost sensitive cases.


We provide translation services, foreign language document review and contract resources.

Discovia delivers Document Review via our partnership with Inspired Review. Discovia’s strengths are eDiscovery and data minimization. Inspired Review’s strength is Managed Document Review. The combination of our services produces brilliant results.