The most efficient and defensible eDiscovery setup and planning customized to your case, and a successful working relationship between in-house counsel, outside counsel, the review team and Discovia.

  • Kick off call or meeting to set initial expectations, workflow, timeline, Discovia’s role.
  • Details about the matter, deadlines, priorities.
  • Scope of discovery, discuss approach and strategy.
  • Meet and confer preparation.
  • Document and share next steps, deadlines, custodian list with data sources and priority.


  • SmartSetup™: Using a selection of proprietary checklists and process flows our industry experts lead clients through the steps from case filing to data collection.
  • Our data identification, preservation planning and litigation hold administration services ensure that you do not run the risk of costly sanctions for not ‘casting the net’ effectively.
  • We support you through the Meet and Confer process, including ensuring that ESI agreements are constructed reasonably and to facilitate efficiency.
  • We digest all the key matter details, including reviewing the complaint, and understanding all key deadlines and priorities.
  • Our case kick-off process ensures that the early scoping, approach and strategy decisions are made with a view towards the efficiency and defensibility of the downstream discovery process.
  • We document all next steps, deadlines and data.