A better eDiscovery experience for your clients with a reduced burden on your internal team and infrastructure, and less risk to your firm.

  • A “better experience” for clients as an industry-wide best practice is developed.
  • An experience that attracts repeat clients as your reputation as an innovative leader in the legal community is recognized.
  • Provides your eDiscovery support team with the ability to focus on core, higher level activities driving value to attorneys and clients.
  • Reduces burden on your staff managing data, and associated risk.
  • Value for clients via volume and process based efficiencies.


  • Centralized data management in a single, secure, redundant outsourced environment.
  • Access to multiple best-in-class tools software/process solutions to ensure best fit per client/matter.
  • A partner with a world class team delivering on a “Client playbook” and supporting continuous improvement/refinement. This standard set of processes and procedures will create the foundation for success.
  • Access to the cutting edge technologies without additional law firm investment through a partner committed to innovation and R&D.
  • Constant process refinement and improvements.
  • The ability for your eDiscovery team to play critical value-add roles including client facing consulting roles and back-end database management.
  • Burst capacity for these roles and trusted partner to offer high level consulting.
  • Deep integration and teamwork between your team and Discovia around communication, workflows/process, execution delivery.
  • Streamlined client billing processes.