A managed services model which is seamlessly integrated with your internal team and successfully rolled out across the firm.

  • We are the only discovery services provider that focuses on education, change management, and adoption.
  • You get the ability to Discover Smarter.
  • Processes outlined so that your team understands how to efficiently and effectively navigate electronic discovery.


  • A series of initial meetings in which key points of contact from both the law firm and Discovia meet to discuss their current roles, departments, and workflows.
  • A client Playbook. The goal of the Playbook is to provide a baseline of the standard workflows to be executed in all Discovia service delivery projects. The playbook, which is designed to be informative, adaptive, and comprehensive, outlines all key components of the relationship such as law firm key contact information, Discovia key contact information, data protocols, standard project workflows, new matter protocols, QCs practices, reporting, and pricing.
  • Educational sessions with in-house professionals about Discovia’s tools, new technology and industry trends provide us with the ability to connect with our clients, build rapport, and move us toward a true partnership. Educational forums vary based on the client. Some clients request a series of webinars while other clients prefer to bring their teams together for an in-person “boot camp” training. We work with our clients to design educational plans that best fit their needs.
  • Discovia also has a full time technical training resource in our Client Training Ambassador. Technical training can be done onsite or via the web. Discovia has training videos and quick reference guides that are made available to our clients as resources.
  • Our training sessions are customized for our clients. Some examples of recent trainings are provided below. A more comprehensive list is on the training section of our site: (highlight “training section” and link to new Training landing page).
    • Technical
      • Relativity: The Basics (1 and 2 hour courses available)
      • Relativity: Advanced Searching and Reporting (1 hour course)
      • Predictive Coding 101
    • Best Practices (Typically CLE credit is available)
      • Taming the Beast: Ten Practical Tip to Control Costs and Reduce Risk in eDiscovery
      • Computer Forensics from a Practicing Attorneys Perspective