We offer three primary pricing models:

‘Buy-and-add’ Subscription (i.e. the Country Club model)

  • Clients purchase a limited suite of services along the EDRM while Discovia continues to sell them add-on services.
  • Clients sign up via a data hosting relationship, data preservation program, or predictive coding program, for which the clients then enter a subscription agreement.
  • Through one of the original service offerings that clients sign up for (either through hosting, data preservation, or predictive coding), clients experience Discovia’s high-touch services, leading data accuracy of 99.8%, and best-in-class security and subsequently request Discovia provide services for the remainder of the EDRM via a subscription, or managed service.
  • Helps clients keep all services in one, safe environment.

‘Bundled service offering’ (i.e. the Club Med model)

  • Discovia provides clients with a bundled portfolio of different offerings across the EDRM as an ‘all inclusive’ service.
  • Many corporations and law firms sign up for a ‘fixed-fee’ pricing model but do not necessarily utilize each service in the bundle.
  • The ‘bundled service offering’ allows clients to have budget predictability.
  • Discovia is flexible in adjusting pricing for services as needed.

A la Carte Pricing

  • Discovia provides customers a choice of specific, customized EDRM offerings on a project-by-project basis.