Why should you pick Discovia?

Like any business, the question we hear more than any other from prospective clients is “Why should I choose you?” Sometimes phrased as “There are lots of you out there – what is different about Discovia?”

There are four things that we believe differentiate us the most. Three are external – accuracy, security, and experience. One is internal – our culture – and is the foundation of the other three. When we talk with our clients – and ask them why they keep coming back to us – these are the themes we hear.

  • Accuracy
  • Security
  • Experience
  • Culture


We are the only eDiscovery company globally to publish our operational accuracy rate.

Operational accuracy was 99.8% for 2015. How do we achieve such a remarkable quality rate? Thorough automation; our proprietary quality assurance and quality control processes and checklists; and our dedicated Director of Quality Assurance. Clients who invest time with us are invariably blown away when we demo “under the hood” of our quality processes. We’d love to show you. And we’ll send you copy of The Checklist Manifesto – which is required reading at Discovia.


We are one of the only eDiscovery companies (if not the only one) that is both ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant.

Both certifications cover our end to end process, not just our data center. And both certifications are validated annually by a 3rd party, Brightline. We were the first eDiscovery company to be certified under the new 2013 ISO 27001 security standards. All client data is housed in SOC 2 Type II audited data centers, fully replicated in a second location. Our network has never been breached or compromised, and our network uptime was 99.99% in 2015.


We strive to delight our clients; to deliver Virgin America, Southwest, and JetBlue experiences – not United Airlines ones.

Each year over 90% of our growth comes from prior year customers. Our rate of client retention, we have learned through 3rd party sources, is higher than that of our competitors. Why? Primarily because of the talent on our team. We have highly rigorous hiring and training processes. 90% of our client services team is either a JD, has 5 years of industry experience, or both. We have exceptionally low staff turnover. We have a very deep bench of talent – from CCE and EnCE professionals, to multiple testifying experts, to RCAs, and search & review consultants. We have Orange-level Relativity Best-in-Service status, and were recognized by the NLJ as he Best Corporate Investigations Provider.


Our culture is the foundation of our success. We work hard to make Discovia a compelling environment for top talent.

We focus on recognition systems; on career pathing; on 1:1 management, coaching and mentorship; on professional development and learning sytems; on listening; on goal-setting; on open communication; and on living impactful values – positive attitude, client focus, teamwork, outstanding delivery and an ownership mentality. Is everything perfect? No. Do we find that, through recruiting conversations, we have a uniquely attractive culture for top talent? Yes. We deeply believe that it is very hard to execute in this industry at the level clients expect without significantly and deliberately investing in culture. There is something special about life at Discovia.